An Intro To Candle Stands

Candle stands come in so many varieties choosing the right one for you can be difficult. They are a great addition to any room, and can really lighten up the mood, no pun intended. Candles can be added to decor for sophistication, added light, or elegance. They can also be added to any room for a myriad of other purposes. Some people use candles in unique ways, and need candle stands that will accommodate those needs. At, we give you all of the information and details you need to make finding and buying the stand you need easy.

So many options, how do you choose?

Choosing the ideal stand can be difficult, if for no other reason than that there are so many styles to choose from. You can get stands that mount to the wall, stand on a shelf, or even those that are tall and stand on the floor. Some are designed to fit votive candles, pillars, or tapers. They come in many shapes and sizes. They also come in many styles, colors and materials. For example, you can find candle stands that are modern and elegant, or you can find those that offer a medieval look. The possibilities are truly endless.

In the end, it is all a matter of preference and what you will be using the candles for. If you are going to be using them for soft yet bright lighting in the evenings, you will want large pillars on a stand that can be placed on a mantle or shelf, or a stand that rests directly on the floor. If you want candles for ambiance, you will want to get stands that reflect the message you are trying to send in your decorating. Whether they are for practical purposes or decoration makes a big difference on what types of candle stands you might get.

You also want to consider materials when you are looking at candle stands. Some stands are made from clay or ceramic, while others are made from metal. Some are even made with sturdy, heavy plastic. However, the type of material you choose depends on several things. First, you do not want to get stands that will break easily, especially if you have children or pets that might knock them over. Secondly, plastic may not offer the look you are after in terms of decor. Metal, such as wrought iron, is a wonderful option for these stands. The look is elegant and interesting, designs are often intricate, and wrought iron is durable enough to last a lifetime.

Where to buy

You can find candle stands nearly anywhere. Department stores, even dollar stores, have them available. However, certain stores and outlets will offer more of a selection than others. In addition, you may want to turn to the internet to buy stands for your candles, as well as the candles themselves. Using the internet for this purpose will give you the ability to have an endless stream of options when it comes to style, size, and design. Buying online also gives you the ability to compare prices, shipping fees and other costs easily.